fIf you have a question and are unable to find the answer here, please reach out to us and we will do our best to get the  information you are looking for. 

Where are you located?

The shop current runs out of my home, located in Redcliff Alberta. Our nearest well known city is Medicine Hat, and more so, Calgary Alberta.  

Do you accept returns?

No, we do not accept returns. Due to hygienic reasons along with the current global pandemic, we do not accept products back. If you have purchased and not picked up your items and would like a refund as no longer interested, please email us with your order information. Custom orders that would like to be refunded will require 25% restocking fee for time/materials. Please note that this is cade by case and may vary on the situation. 


Are these products safe for children to use?

Yes, however we do advise that children of all ages are supervised while items are in use. We make our best efforts to ensure each item is safe and soundly crafted, however it's important to visual inspect before each use. We have adapted the process in which our items are created to include safer precautions can be met. Our soother clips are knotted at the clip, the string is looped around the last bead, and another knot is added to ensure the beads will not come off. Our other products are knotted with up to 3 inches of additional string to help lessen the risk of the beads coming off should the knot loosen.


Are the silicone and wood beads safe?

Yes. We use a combination of Beech and Maple Wood beads that are both natural and unfinished. We use Beech Wood rings with our rattles and Carseat Chews as Beech Wood is a strong hardwood with a high shock value, allowing it stand up better to little teethers. Our silicone beads are tasteless and odorless beads that are also non-toxic, BPA/lead/mercury/phthalate/PVC free, and FDA approved. While beads do pose a choking risk, please see above for ways in which we work to help prevent those risks. s


How should items be cleaned?

Items that are completely made of silicone (no wood or metal) can be cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher or sanitized in boiling water as silicone is created to withstand extreme temperatures. Most items are recommended to be spot cleaned with a wipe or wash cloth and warm, mildly soapy water on a daily basis to help items to remain in long lasting condition. Items that include wood beads or rings are recommended to be spot cleaned in order to not risk the integrity of the wood by submerging it into water. Do NOT submerge any wood products into water, if the wood gets wet, allow to air dry. Do NOT place soother clips into any type of microwavable sanitizer, when the metal clip reaches a certain temperature it WILL melt the string and the clip will become unattached. 


My item broke, how can I get it fixed?

Life happens, and as a mother of 3 myself, I can relate to that far too often! If your items breaks, please ensure to contact us immediately. We charge $5 to restring items, this is a flat rate cost to cover materials. If you have an item purchased from another business that has broken, we may be able to repair it, however to ask that you reach out do the original maker first. For the quickest reply, please contact is via Instagram of email at chewcrew18@gmail.com